changes in digital distribution / 12.03.2022

from now on, digital copies will be available on moonsun productions bandcamp only by request.

new album molva / 10.25.2021

after the six years of silence new album is finally out, co-released with muzyka voln. listen and purchase cd on moonsun productions bandcamp or muzyka voln.

visuals / 7.17.2018

new page with some live images added.

back to the roots / 7.07.2018

abandon social networks, return to "official site" way. since now, all news will be published here.

news updates / 3.04.2011

from that moment all the news will be posted on neznamo's facebook.

last live this year / 5.12.2010

celebrating winter solstice neznamo and vresnit playing live together with new project volshebnye veshi with purba and exit in grey.

in out - the new ritual jam / 11.11.2010

acting with vresnit at in out/ the new ritual jam festival nov 19.

sonastrojka @ sankt-petersburgh / 2.11.2010

neznamo playing live jam together with l.a.d.o., hattifnatter, kshatriy, vresnit in nov 4.

first performance in 2010 / 14.01.2010

neznamo acting jan 24 as a special guest on reutoff's live.

otgoloski fest in moscow / 23.11.2009

neznamo plays on forthcoming festival 'otgoloski', dec 9. line-up: knut, akpan, misery, vresnit, lunar abyss deus organum and neznamo.

neznamo, vresnit, kshatriy, tail in sankt-petersburg / 08.09.2009

acting alive in sankt-petersburg with vresnit, kshatriy and tail at sep 15.

neznamo & vresnit in yaroslavl' / 10.08.2009

neznamo & vresnit performing live collaboration in yaroslavl' in august. 16/05 at yaroslavl' museum of arts, 17/05 at 'open space' gallery.

otgoloski & systo palty togethering 2009 / 9.04.2009

5/05 - neznamo plays in sankt-petersburg with fanum and exit in grey, then goes to systo palty togathering open air fest at pskov region.

neznamo at finis mundi fest / 13.03.2009

another live performance at finis mundi festival with exit in grey and five elements music.19/03 - n.novgorod, 21/03 - kazan', 22/03 - cheboksary.

neznamo / kryptogen rundfunk / lunar abyss deus organum live / 5.02.2009

17/02 - live performance at 'dom' in moscown together with kryptogen rundfunk and lunar abyss deus organum.

neznamo live in sankt-petersburg / 19.09.2008

neznamo plays live today in sankt-petersburg at gez-21 with vresnit, fanum and voy.

split with misery released / 18.09.2008

long-planned split with misery was released recently by moonsun productions. these projects sounds very different but release looks solid both in visual and audial parts. slow, tightening drones and prolonged vibration of neznamo pass into noise-vortex of misery, tearing apart and motionless at the same time.

unknown - ever reissued / 26.07.2008

ever, third album of unknown was released on strely peruna prod. the album was recorded in 1997 and distributed as cassette release some time. unfortunately master tape was lost and distribution was ceased. recently we've found the master, it was digitized, slighly remastered and currently available on cd-r packed in a slim-case with 2-fold insert.
ever represents a shift from cosmogonic ideas of equinox and natural ideas of seasons to transcendental travels of spirit. coming as initiation, the album conducts the person through human desires and emotions, experiencing to realizing themselves as eternal un-human beings.
ever been used in the rehabilitation of drug-dependent persons and revealed some interesting results as a therapy for patients achieving catharsis.

matra, glory to her / 17.05.2008

a collaborative creation with sergei gabbasov (bardo (moscow)) called bardo+neznamo released its debut on moonsun productions. the album called matra. it is dedicated to mother goddess, consists of 7 sound meditations, each one devoted to one of the goddess' manifestations. the rite for unity with divine mother.

neznamo's utrata ep is out / 11.04.2008

the second part of MY trilogy, named utrata was released by moonsun productions. ancient sound tapestries of utrata take you to the times of blossoming Tradition. three parts - sila, veda and duh, three ceremonial weeping songs for lost legacy of the Ancestors was made to absorb, mourn and revive this legacy in yourself...

neznamo - seme>zemlja released / 27.07.2007

first neznamo's release, seme>zemlya was released by new label moonsun productions. seme>zemlya tells about mystical union of heaven and earth. in other words, it's a sound ritual that can help someone to feel the conjunction of nature's emanations with ideas and feelings of the human being in the protoslavonic times. it was released as cd-r, limited to 111 hand-numbered copies, first 11 copies packed in hand-made envelope.

new site started / 12.04.2007

after a long delay neznamo's new site finally finished. it was designed in the way of forthcoming new work of neznamo, seme>zemlya. this release will be available on cd in july 2007. that's all for now.